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Join us in preserving our Latinx LGBTQ+ history while honoring the HOUSE music of the 90s and the iconic Arena nightclub through this one-a-kind juke box musical: ARENA: A HOUSE Musical!



A story about a time and place where LOVE was the drug, friends became FAMILIA and the music gave you LIFE! 



ARENA: A HOUSE MUSICAL is a coming of age story set during the 90s LA Club + Party scene. We follow a group of friends during a turbulent decade when HIV/AIDS disproportionately affected LGBTQ+ BIPOC. Lucio Torrez is on a journey to find himself as a gay man growing up in a devout Apostolic family. It is a story about staying true to who you are and finding your chosen familia. 

Arena: A House Musical is a love letter to our LGBTQ+ ancestors, the House music of the era and the iconic Arena Night Club: A place where our community was able to shine and thrive in their true authenticity.





Your generous funding will support the production of ARENA: A HOUSE MUSIC-al a retelling of our American historia and the struggles faced by BIPOC LGBTQ+ communities who fought, lived, and loved during the AIDS epidemic, dark political turbulent times, anti-immigrant attacks in California and waves of social unrest and upheavals in Los Angeles.  All funds raised as part of our stretch goal will go to support and enhance our American musical theatrical production, preserve our our LGBTQ+ history and allow us to continue sharing our collective histories on stage, in the classroom, and in our communities.




This original jukebox musical has been 5 years in the making and after a successful workshop production run in 2021 that was cut short due to the ongoing pandemic, we are thrilled at the opportunity to bring it back to CASA 0101 Theater!  

Arena: A House Musical was an instant hit! Audiences sold out the four-week run! We were able to really hash out and see the story come to life. Now, we need your help to bring this amazing, heartfelt, and dynamic musical back to the stage in an even bigger and better production! 

Please help us on our road to tell this story with the best of our communidad and with fine art precision! To tell a story through the American Musical Theatre genre is highly collaborative and needs many to come together to make it shine on stage and in the hearts of audiences and you can help us do exactly that!  


Additional Information 

Conceived and Book by Abel Alvarado, Lyrics by Gabrielle Maldonado Music by Ben Larson, with additional songs by Daniel Sugimoto, this carefully crafted "hybrid" musical of classic house music and original compositions will have you dancing to the beat and feeling the love of familia!



We thank you so, so much for your contribution! We are so grateful to our community for your enduring support and look forward to seeing you LIVE as we bring this grand musical back to life. A story for us, about us.



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Felipe Agredano, MTS
Award-winning Executive Producer at TNH

Felipe E. Agredano, is an award-winning executive producer at TNH.  Recently, during Agredano's tenure as a producer of four Broadway musicals include "In the Heights", "Sister Act", Disney's "Aladdin" and "Beauty and the Beast" at Casa 0101 and Los Angeles Theatre Center earned LA Times Critics Choice, LA Weekly Pick of the Week, reviews by La Opinion and won the best producer award by the NAACP.  Agredano holds an Associate's of Arts from East Los Angeles College, dual-baccalaureate's in Political Science and Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley and a Master's in Theological Studies from Harvard University.  Agredano is faculty of Political Science and Chicano Studies at East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles City College and Los Angeles Trade-Tech College.  Agredano was first cast as a child actor in Alfonzo Arau's "Calzonzin Inspector", Mexico's submission for the 47th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language adapted for theatre at the historic downtown Los Angeles Embassy Hotel and Trinity Auditorium, as well as for "La pasión de Cristo" and "Marcelino pan y vino" in the legendary Teatro Blanquita of Boyle Heights, CA.  An artist and playwright, his plays include "Romana y El Cuerpo de Cristo", produced and developed at the Brown and Out Festival by Casa 0101. He has also produced, "La hija prodiga" and "Voces en la obscuridad".

Team-member photo
Rigo Tejeda
Stage Director and Fouding Artistic Producing Director at TNH Productions

Rigo Tejeda is the director is the founder and artistic Director of Teatro Nuevos Horizontes/Theatre New Horizons Company. He is the recipient of the 2019 NAACP award for BEST DIRECTOR for the production of Beauty and The Beast. Rigo Tejeda has become a well-recognized and respected artist in his own right. His Director credit Highlights include "In The Heights" West Coast Regional Premiere, "Aladdin-Dual Language Edition", "Beauty and The Beast", "Sister Act" and "Frozen Jr." This along with his strong passion for exceptional theatre have set Rigo Tejeda on the forefront of the Latino theatre movement in L.A. and is set to maintain a level of excellence in theatre par to none.

Team-member photo
Abel Alvarado
Playwright, Book Writer/Lyricist, Producing Artistic Director

Abel Alvarado, is a Playwright, Book Writer/Lyricist, Costume Designer, and Producing Artistic Director at TNH Productions. Conceived and book writer for ARENA: A House Music-al. He is also an award winning Costume Designer, with works including for works including In The Heights, It Happened in Roswell, A Force To Be Reckoned With, An L.A. Journey, Little Red, Drunk Girl, Remembering Boyle Heights, Bad for the Community, Teatro MOZ, Mariela In The Desert, They Shoot Mexicans Don't They?, Vietgone, Enemy of the Pueblo, Evangeline Queen of the Make Believe and Disney's Aladdin Dual Language Edition. Video work includes Wardrobe Stylist for Grammy Award nominee Gerardo Ortiz music video "Para Que Lastimarme?" and the web-series Cafe Con Chisme. He was recently awarded "Best Costume Design" by the NAACP Theater awards for his costumes in Disney's Beauty and the Beast - The Broadway Musical at CASA 0101. Producing Brown and Out IV & V Theater Festival and designing for Josefina Lopez's Real Women Have Curves at the Pasadena Playhouse are personal highlights of his work.

Team-member photo
Patricia Zamorano
Playwright, Producer, and Dramaturg

Patricia Zamorano, is a Playwright, Producer, Dramaturg. First generation, Mexican-American, Chicana, born and raised in Boyle Heights, is currently working with Abel Alvarado on his full-length play- Arena, A House Musical. She has written, co-directed & produced with Casa 0101 two full-length Plays, Locked Up and You Don't Know Me.  She has over half a dozen short plays and Monologues combined with Brown and Out LGBTQ festival and Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme. In 2014, she wrote Matriarchy, a short monologue which was later turned into a short film in 2017, by filmmaker/ Director Rosa Navarrete, starring Lauren Ballesteros & co-directed by Patricia Zamorano.  Matriarchy Short Film 2017 was accepted into CHIFF, HPFF, has made its rounds around Los Angeles County, The Fullerton Museum & Screened in Berlin, Germany at the Schwules Museum in 2019. She is honored to be included in the 50 Playwrights Project and is an award recipient from the neighborhood of Boyle Heights for her artistic contributions. 

Team-member photo
Marlene Luna
Producer and Marketing Director

Marlene Luna is an actor, writer and marketing director from South Gate, CA. They began their career as a director of wholesale sales/marketing and journalist in the Mixed Martial Arts Industry. They also play a principal role as Lucio's mother, Orfa Torrez in Arena: A House Musical. They've written for such publications as MMA Authority Magazine and MMA Weekly and started performing sketch comedy + improv while attaining their bachelors degree in journalism from CSULB. Landing a lead role in Casa 0101's production of Miss East LA in 2018 pushed Marlene into furthering their acting career and has since been part of audience choice award-winning plays & short films and a national commercial. They are honored and grateful to be part of the Arena production team + cast and excited to work creatively and professionally to push Latinx and LGBTQ+ stories forward. They are also an avid roller skater, parent to 2 awesome little girls and proud partner to Marcos. 

200 Supporters Challenge!
Fri. March 25, 1:22 PM PDT

Hi Fabulous! 

Happy Friday! We're on a (Drag) Race to 200 Supporters! We're only 22 Supporters away from this momentous campaign milestone! Your donation in absolutely any amount will go towards reaching this goal and help get us closer to our crowdfunding target.

No amount is too small and all efforts to boost our posts with a like+share+comment are greatly appreciated! @TNHProductionCo on Instagram and Facebook! 

Thank you for believing in this very important project, we are beyond grateful to you! 


Look at Arena: A House Musical Creator, Abel Alvarado just SERVING up some pride on this LOVELY Friday!

With so much LOVE, 

Arena Producers

Matching Donor Challenge!
Tue. March 22, 11:00 AM PDT

Hi FABULOUS Arena Supporters, 



Every contribution that comes in starting now will be matched by a generous supporter dollar for dollar until we raise an additional $1,000. We have until tonight to unlock these additional funds. Please head over to and make a contribution in any amount. Please feel free to share this message with your communities and help us spread the word about our campaign and today's challenge! Gracias!!! 

Join us in preserving our Latinx LGBTQ+ history while honoring the HOUSE music of the 90s and the iconic Arena nightclub through this one-a-kind juke box musical: ARENA: A HOUSE Musical!


Oops! Live Event time/date correction!
Fri. March 18, 12:45 PM PDT

Oops! We've got a Live event correction: We're going LIVE tomorrow, Saturday March 19 at 12pm on Facebook Live and we'd love for you to join us!  



Arena: A House Musical book writer + lyricist will be talking to Her Majesty Queen Victoria Elizabeth Maria de Ortega, National President of Flux, a network of trans leaders dedicated to raising the profile of trans and gender non-binary communities.


Be sure to follow these two amazing artists on Facebook @Abel Alvarado + @Victoria Ortega (Queen Victoria Ortega) to get alerted when the Live session starts


Thank you all again so much for your support! 


Join the QUEEN for our LIVE event tonight!
Fri. March 18, 11:27 AM PDT

Hi FABULOUS Arena Supporters! We're going LIVE tonight, March 18 at 7:30pm on Facebook Live and we'd love for you to join us!  

Arena: A House Musical book writer + lyricist will be talking to Her Majesty Queen Victoria Elizabeth Maria de Ortega, National President of Flux, a network of trans leaders dedicated to raising the profile of trans and gender non-binary communities.


Be sure to follow these two amazing artists on Facebook @Abel Alvarado + @Victoria Ortega (Queen Victoria Ortega) to get alerted when the Live session starts


Thank you all again so much for your support! 



Ya'll better WERK!
Wed. March 9, 5:08 PM PST

Hi FABULOUS Arena Supporter, 


Week one of our campaign and ya'll WERKED!!! Thanks to you we are off to a great start and need your help to maintain the momentum! 


Do you know someone who loves 90s House Music, Musical Theater, LGBTQ+ culture and/or lived it up at Arena NightClub back in the day? Send them our link: 


We bet there are future supporters in your communities who would love to join along with you in our mission to bring back this one-of-a-kind jukebox musical and bring our stories to the main stage! 


Be sure to follow us on social media @TNHProductionCo on instagram and TNH Productions-Theater/Teatro on Facebook to stay up to date on all things Arena: A House Musical!


We appreciate you!



Arena Producers



We Launched!
Sun. February 27, 1:52 PM PST

Our crowdfunding campaign is LIVE and ready for all your support in bringing Arena: A HOUSE Musical back to the Casa 0101 stage! And just in time for pride month 2022! ?????

These first 3 days of our 30 day campaign are crucial to ensuring the success of our crowdfunding efforts and truly hope we can count on you to help achieve our financial goal and mission. 

We are so grateful to everyone who stopped by and watched over Facebook live, especially those who gave us encouraging words and contributed to our efforts in our mission to preserving our history and bring our stories to the stage! Gracias!

Only 1 left!
THANK YOU! ($15+)
You just helped us get closer to our goal! Look at you with your AMAZING self!
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Social Media SHOUT OUT! ($25+)
You're helping us get to our goal and we want to let everyone know with a social media shout out!
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Thank You Letter emailed from Production Team ($50+)
Add your name to the support in the Program for ARENA A HOUSE MUSIC-AL,!
Unlimited supply.
Exclusive Preview for you and a friend! ($100+)
You will be the FIRST to experience ARENA at an EXCLUSIVE preview performance!
Only 58 left!
One Ticket and Autographed Playbill ($250+)
Receive one ticket to show and an autographed show Playbill by Abel Alvarado, the playwright,
Only 48 left!
VIP Experience - Two VIP seats ($500+)
Two VIP seats for unique experience and be listed as patron of the arts for the workshop production of ARENA A HOUSE MUSIC-al
Only 63 left!
Autographed script by the bookwriter, lyricist and composer ($1000+)
Autographed script by the bookwriter Abel Alvarado, lyricist Gabriella Maldonado and composer Ben Larsen.
Unlimited supply.
Premier VIP Experience for two with bottle & table service. ($1500+)
Premier VIP experience, listed as premier patron of the arts for the production of ARENA A HOUSE MUSIC-al, and table/bottle service.
Only 75 left!
A Signed Exclusive Cast Photo and 2 VIP Tix ($2000+)
An Exclusive signed photo of the cast of ARENA A HOUSE MUSIC-al. and two VIP tix! Look at your FABULOUS SELF!!!
Unlimited supply.
VIP Private Showing ($3500+)
FULL HOUSE Private VIP Showing (99 seats), be listed as producer credit for the workshop production of ARENA A HOUSE MUSIC-al.
Only 10 left!
Producer Credit ($5000+)
Producer credit in billing plus choice of one of the above.
Unlimited supply.
Associate Producer Credit, plus all of the above. ($15000+)
Associate Producer Credit of ARENA A HOUSE MUSIC-AL plus all of the above,
Unlimited supply.
Executive Producer ($25000+)
Be listed as Executive Producer credit for the workshop production of ARENA A HOUSE MUSIC-al
Only 1 left!
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