CANALLA: A Salsa Noir Film

By Daniel Blanco
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Goal: $17,000
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Our goal is to reshape how Latino music is depicted in mainstream cinema by creating a genre-defying narrative that underscores the urgent call for police reform.
CANALLA: A Salsa Noir Film


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Daniel Andres Blanco
Writer, Director, Producer

Daniel Andres Blanco is an award-winning director, actor, editor, composer, and writer from Palmdale, California. As a Colombian-American artist, Daniel is focused on continuing his work in creating and presenting unique, genre-bending stories about the Latinx experience in film and theater, typically focusing on storytelling through color, devised movement, reimagined Latin music, and dance. Daniel holds a BFA degree in acting from University of California, Santa Barbara, and most recently worked as an Emerging Professional Resident in Directing at Milwaukee Repertory Theater for the 2021-2022 season. Daniel has most recently directed Hidden in this Picture, by Aaron Sorkin for Milwaukee Rep’s Rep Lab 2022, Trumpus Caesar for UCSB, co-directed, The Home Project, in collaboration with On the Verge Repertory Theater, and has self-produced, written, acted in, edited, and directed the films, De La Luna, Del Sol: Part One, SORPRESAS: A Salsa Noir Film, the SBIFF Stay-at-Home Audience Favorite, EL CANTANTE, and the experimental horror-thriller-musical short, PROJECT CANALLA.


Keep up with him on instagram! @theandresblanco

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Eviana Vergara
Creative Producer

Eviana Vergara is a creative producer, who kicked off her journey as a director, writer, and producer with her first short film, ORGULLO. With a background in photography and event production, she's also worked with tech companies like Snapchat. She enjoys working with dedicated teams to develop films, stylized shoots, activations and music videos. Her diverse experience fuels her passion for bringing untold stories to life. 

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Aubrey McGettrick
Marketing Director

Aubrey McGettrick (she/her) is a digital Marketing specialist, with experience in education and curriculum, and the Arts. As the Marketing & Communication Manager for Milagro Theatre, she took pride in planning and promoting events, organizing photoshoots, and connecting with artists. Aubrey most recently appeared as Lavinia in Speculative Drama’s production of Titus Andronicus, and worked as a voice and text coach with Great River Shakespeare Festival’s Professional Training Program. With a background in acting and voice and text coaching in theatre, Aubrey aims to build lasting relationships and uplift each individual’s unique voice through marketing. She can’t wait to help share the process and story that is CANALLA. 

Instagram - @awe.brie 


Fri. February 23, 1:03 PM PST

When I first started writing the script for CANALLA almost four years ago, it felt like such a long shot of a project; one that I didn’t think would ever see the light of day. But thanks to each and every one of you, this dream of mine WILL be a reality. 

We’re approaching the end of the campaign, and we’re now in the last stretch! Because of you, we raised over $10,000 over the  past month, and I could not be more grateful. Can you help us get to $17,000? 

If you love the project so far, please consider sharing this page with your friends! Every contribution from here on out will only help us local filmmakers make the best possible film we can make, and allow us to continue sharing the film long after its completion. 





Mon. February 19, 12:02 PM PST

To all of our wonderful supporters, 

WE ARE ALMOST THERE! Thanks to you, we are less than $1,000 away from reaching our goal of $10,000. We could not have gotten this far without your support, I'm so grateful to each and every one of you. We're in the home stretch now, so keep spreading the word, and help us bring CANALLA to life!! 

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So Close!
Thu. February 15, 1:23 PM PST


We're feeling the beat of excitement as we're inching closer to our goal! 🎉 Thanks to your incredible support, we're nearly at the 10K mark – a milestone worth celebrating! 💃🕺


But the dance isn't over yet! We're pushing our limits to reach our fundraising goal and bring the CANALLA story to life on the big screen.


Help us hit that target! Share the love, spread the word, and let's make CANALLA a reality together!

With Gratitude, 


8K Milestone!!
Thu. February 8, 5:28 PM PST

Holy crap!!! 

Following our matching donor challenge, the CANALLA campaign has reached a huge milestone, now surpassing $8,000! We are so excited to be so close to reaching our minimum goal of 10K, and we could not have gotten this far without your contributions and your support. Help us get to 10k!




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Aaaaaand we’re running!
Mon. February 5, 9:08 AM PST

Not only have we raised more than $3,000 within a week, but we’ve also secured a matching donation of $4,500; officially launching our 48-Hour Matching Donor Challenge. We’re so close to hitting our minimum goal, and well on our way to getting CANALLA funded. We could not have gotten this far without your tremendous support; I’m so grateful for all of you. 


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