By Fernanda Cabarcos
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Papalotzin shines a light at the Femicide epidemic, not only serving as exploration of the problem but a powerful call to action to start a life saving conversation. Ni una mas! Not one more!
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My goal as an artist is to create dynamic visual stories that explore the human experience in all its forms and bring awareness to social injustice issues. I want to connect, inspire, and tell stories that heal and uplift my community.  Papalotzin is a heartbreaking tale that holds a hopeful and poetic ending. We are more than our tragedies, our spirits will live on to guide future generations. As a screenplay, Papalotzin has earned the top four percent of scripts on Coverfly. Placing Second Rounder at the Austin Film Festival 2023, Quarterfinalist, for the Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2023, and Semifinalist for the Outstanding Screenplays Shorts Competition 2023.




Soledad, a compassionate and dedicated ER nurse in Mexico City is asked to cover the night shift after a colleague's disappearance . Torn between the needs of her family and the demand of her workplace , she will make a decision that will alter her fate , thrusting her into a fight for her life and raising awareness about a critical issue impacting women in Mexico.




"Papalotzin" is a compelling and socially relevant short film on the topic of Femicide set in Mexico City. The narrative follows Soledad, a dedicated 36-year-old ER nurse, as she navigates the challenges of being pulled between her family's needs and the demands of her workplace , following the disappearance of Lupe, a fellow nurse. Soledad becomes an unintentional symbol of compassion in the face of adversity.


As the night progresses an uneasy feeling settles within Soledad, who seals her fate with one seemingly innocent and selfless decision . Kidnapped, and abused , Soledad's journey becomes a poignant exploration of the pervasive issue of femicide. The film delves into the dark underbelly of societal issues such as machismo, gender inequality, and a flawed justice system that contribute to the alarming statistics of violence against women in Mexico and around the world.



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Making a movie takes an immense amount dedication, will, patience and money. Funding for Papalotzin will guarantee that all of our cast and crew are fairly compensated for their hard work and talent. The funds will also cover our location cost, rentals, meals, and on set safety- such as an intimacy coordinator and stunt supervisor.  


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Thank You

We are extremely grateful for your contribution to Papalotzin. Every dollar, every share, will guarantee the completion of this extremely important message.



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Fernanda Cabarcos
Writer/ Director

Fernanda Cabarcos is an up and coming Mexican writer/ director based in Pasadena, California. She has focused the last five years of her career to Production Design and Art Direction for film and television. Her script, "Papalotzin," has achieved recognition as a second-rounder at the Austin Film Festival, a Quarterfinalist at Slamdance, and is currently a semifinalist for the Outstanding Screenplays Grant competition. With a passion for showcasing and elevating Latin voices, she is extremely exited and ready for her directorial debut.

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Cynthia Garcia Williams
Assistant Director

Cynthia Garcia Williams is a California native born to a
mother from Matanzas, Cuba, and a father from
Guadalajara, Mexico. Three years ago, Cynthia discovered
her deep passion for storytelling in the form of
screenwriting, and ever since, her stories have focused on
empowering and celebrating the human experience and
spirit. Cynthia weaves magic into her stories and
characters by using her rich, familial heritage, ancestral
faith, and generational resilience.
In 2021, Cynthia made her directorial debut with the
award-winning film, "Dukkha," a film based on her journey
to sobriety that she created as a mentee in the Women of
Color Filmmakers Director's Lab. Six months later, Cynthia
wrote and directed another award-winning film, "Bilongo,"
an Afro-Cuban folk story that pays homage to her
ancestral roots. Throughout 2022, Cynthia worked on over
a dozen sets. She also wrote and directed, "The Bible
Thumper and The Bruja," a comedy that ignites the
imagination and revels in the power and the
vulnerabilities of humankind. Her latest film, "Legend of El
Cucuy," was developed as part of the LALIFF Inclusion
Fellowship. Cynthia was also chosen as a mentee with
Unlock Her Potential. This past December she directed
her first feature film, a comedy, "We're Not Married?"
which is currently in postproduction.

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Joe Felix
Script Supervisor

Joe Felix is a writer born and raised in North East LA. Some of his notable work includes writing and co-devising with the Latinx Comedy Pachanga, where his work was featured at the Los Angeles Diversity in Comedy Festival and the Austin Sketch Fest along with a long-lived monthly Latinx Gameshow Panel- Cuñados, Cuñadas, y Carnales at Pack Theater. As a Script Supervisor he collaborated on a LALIFF X Netflix bilingual short “Marque Dos.” He is currently acting as Dramaturg to Natasha Mercado’s one-person clown show, #1 Son, which will be at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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Michael Dean
Director of Photography

Michael Dean is a filmmaker with work spanning documentary, narrative, commercial, and music videos. He's currently based in the midwest, but travels extensively for a variety of projects having filmed in 28 countries. His desire in filmmaking is to come alongside underrepresented or unique voices and represent those voices in the most accurate and authentic way possible. Having worked with both crews, and as a one man band gives him the ability to adapt quickly to situations, and he lives for the unplanned and natural moments.

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Adrian Wittenberg
Production Designer

Currently located in California, Adrian Wittenberg is a Los Angeles native who grew up playing with power tools and running around museums. She takes joy in both the hands-on work of art department and the imaginative collaboration of filmmaking. As a production designer, she draws inspiration from nature and art history to weave layers of meaning into her visual storytelling. In addition to her art department work, she holds an MA in Humanities and a BA in Art History. 

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Cameron Dinwiddie

Cameron Dinwiddie is a film editor with 9 years experience creating narrative and promo content. With a big soft spot for stylistic 70's euro-horror, he brings a unique approach to pacing and storytelling. When not editing, he writes and directs micro-horror shorts. 

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Michael Lomeda

Michael Lomenda (he/him) is a proudly queer, Canuck filmmaker and co-founder of littleBULL Productions.
Lomenda began as a classical pianist, but musical theatre lead him to perform internationally and on North America’s top stages. He’s starred on Broadway, was invited twice as an honored guest of the Obama’s to perform at the White House and starred as one of Clint Eastwood’s Four Seasons in the Warner Brothers feature film, Jersey Boys, but littleBULL Productions, co-founded with hubby, Caden Douglas, truly unites all of Michael’s loves under one moniker.

Together they write, produce, and direct their own films and help fellow indie filmmakers bring their own creative visions to life.
littleBULL has produced award-winning shorts Danni & May and kill cat Oakland, created filmsfor internationally renowned Done+Dusted, produced a short form comedy series starring George Wendt, and most recently wrapped our first feature, Mother Father Sister Brother Frank, written/directed by Caden, starring Mindy Cohn and Enrico Colantoni.
A lifelong artist, Michael draws on his roots growing up in a tiny town on the Canadian prairies and is endlessly grateful for the richness his career in the arts has brought him. @littleBULLpro @michaellomenda

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Caden Douglas

Caden grew up in snowy Calgary AB, and after living in Toronto for a decade he now resides in sunny LA, where he works as a screenwriter, director and producer. 


Recently Caden wrapped production on his first feature film, which he wrote and directed, Mother Father Sister Brother Frank, a dark comedy staring Enrico Colantoni and Mindy Cohn.


As a director he was won multiple awards for his short film POP, including the Leslie Paige Award for Excellence in Short Filmmaking, and the Gold Award from LA Shorts. He has directed pieces for the Los Angeles LGBT Center 50th Gala produced by the multiple award winning, and Emmy nominated Done + Dusted.


As a writer, Caden has partnered with major companies on both feature and episodic projects. Previous select projects include feature The King and Eileen optioned by Johnny Depp's production company Infinitum Nihil / G4C and pilot Tuck, Montana optioned by Dave Hill/Gumption Pictures. Caden was hired by Lotus Entertainment to write the feature comedy Dosed, as well as the feature adaptation of Alex Gino's award winning novel, George (Scholastic) for Lotus/Racine Films.


Caden produced the short form series What the Elf?! starring multiple Emmy nominee, and Cheers alumni, George Wendt. The series was produced by his production company littleBULL, which he founded with his husband, Dora nominated actor/producer Michael Lomenda in 2016. 


Currently Caden is developing a new feature comedy, American Beef.

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