We're Not Married - Post Production

By Rae Lashea
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To positively portray people of color on screen as they navigate life and find solutions to situations in comedic but real ways.
We're Not Married - Post Production
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After ten years, two couples find out their marriages were never legally binding and now must confront their troubled relationships and make a life-altering choice: cling to their vows or part ways and go on separate journeys.


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In a tale of love, laughter, and legal twists, Rachel and Julian, along with high school sweethearts Claire and Rick, are married in a whimsical ceremony performed by the eccentric Rev. Berry. A decade later, a shocking revelation shatters their marital bliss – turns out, Rev. Berry wasn't licensed.
As the couples grapple with the reality of their legal status, what once felt straightforward now spirals into complexity, with tax evasion scandals and Rachel's legion of admirers which include the sexy, successful author, Hunter.
In the end, some find their way back to love, while others learn that the essence of lovers loving love transcends the bounds of matrimony.




There are four parts to making a movie. Pre-production, Production, Post-production, and Distribution. All of these phases are unique and come with their own set of costs. With your help and the Grace of God, we have made it through the first two phases. Now comes POST. This includes editing, sound design and effects, musical composition, VFX, and coloring. We have a movie but the footage is raw and we need ALL of these things to make it market ready and marketable. With your help, we can do it! WE CAN DO IT!


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The Nitty-Gritty


You want to get into the nitty gritty of production. One of our trucks stalled on the highway which cost us almost an entire day of shooting. AND the show “The Rookie” took over the entire block of our filming location on one day, which also cost us an ENTIRE day. Do you know what these setbacks look like? Feel like? And that was the first week!


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Thank You

Your contribution, which we are so grateful for, will move this film from ‘in the can’ to ‘on the screen’ for you and the world to see. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!


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Cynthia Garcia Williams

Cynthia is a California native born to a mother from Matanzas, Cuba, and a father from Guadalajara Mexico. Three years ago, Cynthia discovered her deep passion for storytelling in the form of screenwriting, and ever since, her stories have been written to empower and celebrate the human experience and spirit. Cynthia weaves magic into her stories and characters by using her rich, familial heritage, ancestral faith, and generational resilience.


In 2021 Cynthia made her directorial debut with her award-winning film, “Dukkha,” a film she created a mentee in the Women of Color Filmmakers Directors Lab. Dukkha is based on her journey to sobriety. Six months later Cynthia wrote and directed, another award-winning film, “Bilongo,” an Afro-Cuban Folk story. Throughout 2022 worked on over a dozen sets. She also wrote and directed, “The Bible Thumper and The Bruja,” a comedy that ignites the imagination and reveals the power and the vulnerabilities of humankind. She is the proud recipient of Panavision’s first-time filmmaker grant. Her most current film, “Legend of El Cucuy” was developed as part of the LALIFF Inclusion Fellowship which was sponsored by Netflix and has made it to this year's SLAM Dance film festival.


Cynthia's film awards include:

                      Best Horror

                      Best Screenplay

                      Audience Award

                      Jury Award


Directors Reel: cynthiagarciawilliams.com

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Mariscela Mendez
Director of Photography

Mariscela Beatríz Méndez is a Chicana Director of Photography from San Antonio, Texas. Her clients include Vanity Fair, Google, Slamdance, and Tubi. Mariscela was selected to participate in the Women in Film INSIGHT Fellowship, Film Independent’s Project Involve, and The American Society of Cinematographer’s Vision Mentor Program. She is also the recipient of 2022 The Peregrine Collective Cinematographer’s Grant for her project “Mal de Amores”. Currently, she is one of four DPs selected to participate Women in Film and Sundance Institute’s ReFrame Rise 2022-2024 Cohort which is also sponsored by Netflix. Mariscela is an Imagen Award Nominee.



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Vicente Sanchez
Art Design

Vince Sanchez-Sambrano is a Venezuelan born Production Designer, Art Director and Producer based out of Los Angeles, California, specializing in Film and TV. With a background in both fine arts and the engineering world, he began diving into his passion for filmmaking, participating as a Set Designer, Costume Designer and Assistant Director in independent films and improved his career with classes, workshops and experimenting on his own in the audiovisual field.


  •Some of his recent work credits include

Award-winning AJR’s Way

Less Sad (2020)

Award-winning deMonica (2021)

Amazon’s Sell/Buy/Date (2022)

Disney’s 4Ever (2022)

Caracol TV’s Vicente Fernandez “El Rey” Launch Event (2022)

Sisters by Water (2023)

Award-winning Death in Training (2023)

What She Doesn’t Know (2023)


Vince is also the Event Producer at The Dumbo Film Festival in Dumbo in New York City and most recently, his feature film Shadow of the Sun (2023) was selected to be Venezuela’s Official Selection for Best International Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards.



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Edward Luis Garcia
Costume Design

Edward Luis Garcia is an accomplished Afro-Cubano Chicano American Costume Designer based in Los Angeles. With over 10 years experience, a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Edward has quickly made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He began working as a Costume Design assistant on films such as Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time and Denzel Washington’s Roman J Israel. Edward joined Local 705 as a Motion Picture Costumer after working as a stock clerk at Western Costume Company. His work has been featured in numerous films, television shows, short films, and stage productions. He has be fortunate to work under some of the biggest names in Costume Design, such as Francine Jamison-Tanchuck, Ruth E Carter, Paco Delgado and Lou Eyrich. Edward is particularly skilled at creating costumes that reflect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the characters he works with and is one of the youngest board members of Local 705.



Team-member photo
Precious Jackson
Hair & Makeup

Versatile Makeup / Hair Artist with 20 years of experience working in the entertainment industry while owning the upscale Glo Hair Salon, Jackson has been a keynote and panelist for numerous industry organizations. Featured in multiple media outlets for her expertise, Sophisticated Black Hair and The Artistic Eye magazines have featured Jackson’s celebrity work. Jackson has expertise working with producers, studio, network and digital executives to deliver exceptional looks. Her enthusiasm for the beauty industry allows her to utilize innovative makeup applications. I'm passionate about bringing out the inner BELLE - for me, Belle is defined as "Beautiful".


Team-member photo
Allie Wolff
Script Supervisor

Allie is a Script Supervisor for features, TV, and short films and has a true passion and dedication to her work. She loves working on meaningful projects with wonderful groups of people, like those on 'We're Not Married’.




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Medge Ross
Casting Director

A fun-loving and extroverted New York/Los Angeles bi-coastal casting director. became a casting director to learn new things and meet new people. She loves everything about the casting industry.


At the moment she’s working on her third feature film “We’re Not Married” and other projects can be seen on Netflix and other streaming platforms, and have won awards at prestigious film festivals.



Team-member photo
Pam Matew
1st AD / Production coordinator

Pam aka Pambition, is a first generation Colombian-American Latina director. She has been in the film industry as a director, producer and 1st AD for over 12 years. Aside from the industry, Pam has been a CrossFit coach for over 12 years and is an avid salsa dancer. She is known for:


Perfectly Disturbed

Before Our Time




Team-member photo
Q Abraham
Line producer

Jaquece "Q" Abraham, originally hails from the U.S. Midwest. Before embarking on his journey into the world of filmmaking, Q's diverse background included serving as a munitions troop in the US Air Force. This experience instilled in him a strong work ethic and attention to detail that he seamlessly translates into his craft. Q's dedication to honing his skills led him to achieve an undergraduate degree in Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in 2017.  Q’s Portfolio extends to all film genres, including music videos, commercials, television, and feature films. Q's journey is not only about artistic expression but also about pushing the boundaries of his own creativity while leaving an indelible mark on the world of visual storytelling.


Known for:

Last Wish





Team-member photo
Miriam Holder Jacobs

A native of Guyana South America, is a Hollywood film producer, production supervisor, and production coordinator with more than three decades of experience working with some of film and television’s most admired directors, executive producers, and actors.
Having worked on such films as Tuskegee Airmen, Ninja Turtles II, and Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Miriam knows what it takes to produce a quality film and has earned the respect of her peers - the likes of Dick O’Connor, Walter Coblenz, Bill Frye, Terry Morse, Robin Clark, Grace Blake, Fern Field-Brooks, Lili Fini Zanuck, Marty Richards, Gill Champion-Pow Ent, Cassius V. Weathersby, Charles Stone, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Lionel Richie, Marla Gibbs and Louis Gossett Jr. - because of her invaluable expertise.

Ms. Jacobs also worked as Personal Assistant to Manager Benny Ashburn & The Commodores, touring with the group around the USA and Europe. She was also the Personal Assistant to Halle Berry in the USA and Europe for Die Another Day, Angela Bassett for Mr. 3000, and was the Stage Manager for the theater version of “227” starring Marla Gibbs. Jacobs also produced the feature film House Arrest 2012, starring Stacey Dash and rapper The Game, a Lionsgate/Grindstone release.

Team-member photo
Rae Lashea

Rachel Lashea Bullard, known as Rae Lashea, is a Brooklyn-born author who travels extensively to experience the world through the eyes of those who are often invisible. She has immersed herself in the international culture, customs, and cuisine of 25+ countries, including Kenya where she lived among the Masai. Her current publications include Black Geisha, You Are a Star, Hot Tea & Mercy, and 52 Weeks of MIRACLES, as well as the short film Filly. As a social anthropologist and former special education teacher, Rae believes in the power of being a life-long learner and doing your own research. We're Not Married? is her first feature.



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